Friday, March 13, 2009

Alternative Media Expo Swag By Mags!

As the members of the New Orleans Craft Mafia gear up for the impending Alternative Media Expo on the 21st of this month (see post below for all the details on the AME, or just visit their website), we're all working on our promotional swag for the FREE swag bags we'll be handing out to the first 150 paid attendees at the AME. Being the crafty folks we are, most of us are hand-making our swag, to give the lucky swag bag recipients a taste of the handcrafted goodness we each make.

So I thought I'd drop a post with a sneak peak of what you'll find from me in the bags: mini urban folk art in the form of stencil paintings on small pieces of recycled cardboard. Each painting is unique in color combo and wording, all hand-spray painted, embellished with paint pens, and signed. Nothing like a little FREE art, right?

If you don't manage to get yourself over to the AME early enough to get your free swag bag from the New Orleans Craft Mafia, however, I'll have a slew more of these fun little bits of sunshine for sale at my table, in a variety of designs and colors, all for the low, low recession budget price of $1-$5 sliding scale! Affordable art for the masses!

(What's a "sliding scale," you ask? Well it's a kind of old school concept, but one that I've tried to utilize throughout my crafty life, which enables folks to purchase within a range of prices, according to their means. It basically means, if you don't have a lot of money, you can pay on the low end of the scale, and if you have more financial means, I'd hope that you'd pay on the upper end of the scale, because you can.)

I'll also still have the remainder of my t-shirts and tanks on super sale ($10 t's, $5 tanks), as well, aside from the NoLa Rising T's (they are a fundraiser, so remain $20).

Hope to see y'all there!


  1. awesome! Im so excited! I need to get out and do more of this kinda stuff! I will totally try to be one of the first 150! Can't wait till tomorrow...

  2. awesome, i wish i could be there! i am now stuck in hicksville, but thanks for keeping art alive and well in my city...