Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Clueless about what to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or star-crossed lover this Valentine's Day? The New Orleans Craft Mafia is here to help! These sweet treats from your favorite crafters are sure to score you some bonus points on the 14th. Get them online, or stop by the Bridge Lounge in New Orleans on Friday the 13th for bloody cupcakes and crafty love at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Craft Market.
Are you aglow with love? Comfort your lover in their darkest hour with this Mardi Gras Heart Nightlight, $20 from UniqueProducts.
It's time for LOVE! This stenciled wall clock, $32 from art by mags!, is made from a recycled vinyl record.Feeling literal? This segmented bracelet, $20 from Love, Marigold, features a cut-up image of an anatomical heart. Perfect for both your med school lover and your broken-hearted friend.Give her the key to your heart! This ruffled cuff bracelet, $45 from BayouSalvage, features vintage red velvet, lace, and an antique skeleton key.Instead of flowers that wilt and die, give her this fuchsia daisy necklace, $28 from Flambeaux. Handmade from polymer clay and copper leaf, it will last as long as your eternal love.If she's more of a ring girl, present her with this real daisy resin ring, $20 from GreenKangaroo.This dashing red and white wallet, $26 from prix-prix, will remind your lover of your devotion each time they pick up the check.Crummy economy left you with a teensy budget? Stick this candy heart magnet, $5 from GreenKangaroo, on your lover's fridge and they will think of you whenever they make a sandwich.

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