Friday, September 5, 2008

Evacuate in Style with the New Orleans Craft Mafia

There are few things more trying than evacuating for a hurricane. First you must figure out which way the storm will go so you can then figure out how to go in the opposite direction. You must leave early to avoid insane traffic. And you have to figure out what you will bring with you besides your sweetie and your pets. Let the mafia help you pack and show your handmade NOLA pride while standing in the FEMA line:

This blue tarp messenger bag has plenty of room for you to tuck in that contraflow map -and- the bottle of Chevis.

It also helps to look hot while you are, well hot driving up the crowded 1-55 and keeping the A/C off to conserve fuel.
Available at

Dont forget Satchmo on your ipod or on your keychain, which you'll need to come home and dump out your refrigerator. Get Louis here

This wonderful recycled iron-on fleur de lis from greenkangaroo would be great to put on your pillowcase, iron or stitch onto your backpack or anywhere you want to represent. Get it here

C.Ray Nagin recommends you bring plenty of Benjamins for your trip out of town. Stash them in this neat recycled tie wallet.Buy it here

Last but not least, dont forget that NOLA will Rise Up. Visualize this more clearly with this print you can prop up at your evacuation shelter, desert motel, or in the small corner of your relative's house where the 6 dogs, 4 cats, hamster or gerbil wont be able to get to it.Drinking an Abita will help. Grab one before they are all gone at

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