Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Election Fever

The Democratic and Republican National Conventions have officially chosen their candidates, and election fever has already set in. The New Orleans Craft Mafia is here to help you navigate the complex political landscape of Election Style. These gorgeous goods will make your victory celebration that much sweeter when all the votes are in.

This Barack Obama keychain from Claverie Crafts will let you show your support in style.

This blue dove pin from Flambeaux Design Company is the perfect accessory for all your election-related events. It comes in patriotic red and blue color options, and the dove sends the message of peace.

This Barack Obama spray paint stencil print from art by mags! is the perfect way to bring your politics into your decor.

Wear this Confetti resin pendant from greenKangaroo in anticipation of the confetti and balloons that will rain down upon your favorite candidate when the election results are in.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! There's a whole cottage industry surrounding Obama! He's got to win because I can't take much more of these bad times.