Monday, June 15, 2009

NOCM Gets Great Press!

Ever since our appearance in the eco-village at the Bayou Boogaloo over Memorial Day weekend (when, you'll recall, members Heather MacFarlane, Mallory Whitfield, and Kerry Fitts staffed a demo tent where they showed Boogaloo-ers how to recycled their old - or even sometimes brand new! - t-shirts into new exciting creations), we've had an onslaught of positive press... and many requests to do t-shirt demos!

As we told you before, the article that started it off was featured on's fashion blog, written by fashion editor Susan Langenhennig. They got such an amazing response from that article, Susan told us, that the Times-Picayune decided to run it in print a few days later, getting an even wider audience.

Well after that, we got a request to appear on ABC26's Good Morning New Orleans show, the broadcast of which just happened this morning at 6am, actually. Pictured above is a screen shot taken while watching members Mallory Whitfield and Rachelle Matherne interact with show host Cyndi Nguyen. (Kerry Fitts appeared in the first segment, a t-shirt recycling demo, of which we did not manage to get any photos, unfortunately.) Hopefully ABC26 will put a clip of it up online later, and if so, we'll be sure to let y'all know.

In the mean time, we'd been contacted by the Handmade News, an online site/blog associated with the new handmade marketplace They did individual interviews with each of our members and also did an interview about the NOCM as a whole. The first of the "Featured Artisan" pieces went up late yesterday and features art by mags! Other articles with all the rest of our members will follow this week. The "Main Feature" on the NOCM will also remain up all week long, as Handmade News celebrates Mafia Month. Very exciting!

The Boogaloo demo tent apparently also got us noticed in the Consciously Rebuilding blog as well. Check out this cool blog about a new eco-conscious effort in New Orleans that we wish we knew more about. Thanks to Yasmin for stopping by the demo tent and sharing us with her readers.

And, after the initial piece about us at the Boogaloo, fashion editor Susan Langenhennig asked to interview more of us in the NOCM about the group and will be doing a larger piece on (which will hopefully run in the T/P as well!) about the indie craft movement across the country and its impact here in New Orleans, using the NOCM as an example. Look for that this week sometime, as she hoped to have it published before our Thursday Birthday Bash.

So, as you see, the momentum is building for our big bash on Thursday. Come meet all of us, discover our funky, one-of-a-kind handmade creations, and see what all the fuss is about!

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