Monday, December 1, 2008

THIS WEEKEND: DEPART-ment in Chicago, IL

WHAT: DEPART-ment in Chicago, IL
WHEN: Friday, December 5th from 7-11pm, Saturday and Sunday, December 6th and 7th from 11am-5pm
WHERE: AV-aerie, 2000 W. Fulton at Damen, 3rd floor, Chicago, IL
WHO: NOCM member prix-prix

"what is DEPART-ment, you ask?

first, you will note that this is not a craft fair. we organize our goods to help you find all the objects you desire in a manner that you’re already comfortable with. racks and islands and counters. a central checkout area. knowledgeable and friendly personnel who want to help you find what you’re looking for. no, they’re not employees - they’re the makers. collect all of the items that you’re interested in buying and when you’re ready, head on over to the check-out. a DEPART-ment volunteer will ring you up. we only accept cash, no credit cards, but an ATM is on-site for most events."

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