Thursday, November 13, 2008

Freret Street Market announces Frestivus for the Rest OF Us

Many of us, especially NOLA mafiosa were sad to learn of the decision to not hold the Crescent City Farmers Market Festivus this year. Most of us had been doing it since its inception, and adored the values of having local,fair trade,organic & recycled crafts to sell at holiday time. Well Frestivus has stepped up to provide an alternative and similarly inspired holiday shopping extravaganza on Saturday December 13. What is nice is now it will be more inclusive of some of the vendors who were shut out due to the high demand for the coveted Festivus spots.

The Craft Mafia is busily cooking up exciting plans and acts of craft derring do to coincide with this new celebration and the upcoming craftmas celebrations. We also now have doubled in size since last year. Woohoo. So stay tuned!


  1. Great! I'm so glad it will be happening again this year.

  2. Just a note that Frerestivus won't be happening at the usual Festivus location. Since it's part of the Freret Market, it'll be on Freret Street.

    I know you know that, Kerry, but wanted to add that tidbit in case others don't!