Friday, October 17, 2008

IN THE PRESS: prix-prix on Style Saves the World

Recycled Necktie Necklaces from prix-prix are featured today as a Fab Friday Find on eco-chic blog Style Saves the World:
These necklaces are the exact accessory I need for those days when my fashion brain turns to mush and all I can throw together is a pair of jeans and a black tank. One of Skelton's chunky, no-brainer necklaces would take the look from pulled-from-the-laundry to pulled-together pronto. Love 'em!
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Another post on the Keetsa! blog today about the Necktie Necklaces

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  1. The recycled tie necklaces are so groovy. Gotta love the creativity there.

    P.S. Thanxs for linking to our green site, Keetsa. Appreciate the mention.