Wednesday, October 8, 2008

IN THE PRESS: art by mags! in LA Weekly and more!

Margaret Coble of art by mags! was featured in a recent LA Weekly piece on the Obama art phenomenon.

... Sergant also sparked 14 national Obama poster campaigns by artists, including Ron English’s “Abraham Obama” traveling mural. And, he created an Obama bicycle-spoke card with an image by artist Margaret Coble specifically for the Portland, Oregon, primaries. “Everyone [in Portland] rides a bike,” Sergant says. “It was a small investment, and it made an impact in the indie-hipster world, ending up in Paper and Bicycle magazines and on countless blogs, with no promotion.”

“I basically gave Yosi the okay to do whatever he wanted to with the design,” Coble writes on her Art by Mags! blog, “knowing that whatever he cooked up, it was going to benefit the campaign and likely had a chance to get some pretty good exposure.”

On top of that, Obama spoke cards based on an art by mags! print were featured in a spread in Paper Magazine! Check it out!

And in some ways even cooler, art by mags! is big in Norway! Aftenposten Innsikt, a major Norwegian news magazine, is using her Obama stencil design on the cover of their October issue.

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