Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer Beer Fest @ Whole Foods Metairie

The New Orleans Craft Mafia will be participating in the Summer Beer Fest, at the Whole Foods on Veterans Blvd. in Metairie.

Participating members include: greenKangaroo, dismantled designs, art by mags!, Bayou Salvage, Unique Products

Here are the details from our friend Jen, who organized the event:

Saturday May 17, noon-3pm

-Live Music from John 'Papa' Gros from Papa Grows Funk.

-Grilling Demo on the Patio

-FREE BEER samples, beer/ food pairings through out the store, give-aways, summer snack ideas.

Here is a list of the beer sampling and food pairings:

-Hoegaarden and citrus
-Red Tail Ale and Blue Heron Pale Ale along with fresh meats grilled with red tail ale bbq sauce
-Abita Strawberry and Full Sail Pale Ale
-Anchor Steam and Anchor Summer Ale with seafood
-Shiner Bock, Black and 99 with Smokehouse Meats
-Chimay and Chimay Cheese
-Sapporo and sushi
-Peroni and pizza
-Red Bridge (gluten free) with a selection of gluten free snacks
-Lindemans Frambois Lambic with Berry Chantilly cake in the bakery
-Eel River Organic Amber and IPA, also Lamar St Organic Pale Ale
-Bear River Hop Rod Ale and Racer 5 IPA
-Plus, Rootbeer for the Kids

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